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5 Paleo Breakfast Recipes

For optimal digestion, stable energy, & ideal weight

5 paleo breakfast recipes

Get your hands on these 5 recipes that promote:

1. Boost in energy throughout the day (with greater mental clarity)
2. Loss of fat (especially around the abdominal region)
3. Improved digestion
4. Reduced inflammation
5. and more...

Why Paleo?

These 5 Paleo Breakfast Recipes focus on eating anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, whole foods while completely avoiding the foods that commonly cause problems on our health, vitality, and digestion.

The Paleo way of eating centres on a simple yet powerful premise: If it hasn't been on this earth for 5000+ years, don't eat it! This allows us to choose foods that humans have been eating and assimilating for much much longer than the type of foods that have become all too common in our modern diet, such as processed sugar, grains, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, as well as hydrogenated oils.

These recipes are a great source of inspiration for you to make positive change to your breakfast strategy, and help you along on your journey to heightened health, digestion, and wellbeing.


Pierre Higginson

CHEK Practitioner, Corrective Exercise Specialist,

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

"Pierre taught me so much about my body and how to improve my posture. I lead a much healthier lifestyle thanks to him. I'd recommend him to any one looking to improve their gut health, posture, and general health and wellbeing."

Flore Vignaux

Marketer, Women's Activewear

"I visited Pierre to get rid of pain, but I have received much more. I feel more in touch with my body and also with the people around me."

Jan Hliněný


"Thanks so much Pierre for all the work you've done. I've learned more about my body than I ever thought I would. Pierre's knowledge on posture, nutrition, gut health, stress management, and corrective exercise comes together to create the kind of program that will get you the life changing results you've been looking for."

Sam Gebreselassie

Management Consultant

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