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I currently have available spaces for those looking to work 1 to 1 with me and get rid of poor posture, overcome persistent pain, feeling tight and restricted, faulty alignment, aches, and injuries that just don’t seem to go away.

This program is a great opportunity to gain specialist insight through a comprehensive biomechanics & musculoskeletal assessment, follow the corrective protocols to restore optimal movement and posture, and develop a body capable of exercise without pain or injury - Download the program brochure for full details, and the opportunity to book a free introductory call with Pierre.

"We worked on addressing the basics and after about 6-8 weeks (of following his exercise programme 2-3 times a week) I noticed very significant improvements - I was able to do gardening or go on bike rides without back pain, the pain in my neck has gone, and I have even started to be able to play the piano again without wrist pain. I am so impressed with the results I am planning to continue the programme for longer."

Jon Block.

"I find myself now near enough pain free, with also a lot more energy which has led to a tremendous benefit to my health and state of mind.I have seen Osteopath’s and physio’s for years and spent thousands of pounds and they have not really dealt with my problem!"

Lee Gibson.

Build great posture so you can be proud of your body.
Get stronger so that you can move with ease.
Rewire how your body functions and rediscover optimal movement.
Enjoy exercise with a better functioning body and less pain.

Pierre Higginson is an MSK Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise Specialist, CHEK Practitioner Lvl 3, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach based at his private clinic at 27 Bond Street, Ealing, London.


27A Bond Street, Ealing, London, W5 5AS.

Above Audio Venue, and opposite Filmworks.

Easily accessible via public transport:

5 minute walk from Ealing Broadway Underground Station

"I initially went to see Pierre as I was concerned about neck and back pain, a knee problem, a foot injury and a general feeling of fatigue and brain fog. I felt like I was no longer in control or understood my body or why it was letting me down and why I was suffering from a myriad of ailments. It is a testament to Pierre and the work that he does that I feel so much better after implementing 100% of all of his suggestions from my personal program"

Barbara Walsh


"With his guidance and support I am now walking and standing without pain! We have also addressed some other issues along the way and importantly, he has given me the right tools, knowledge and understanding for the longer term. I now have an invaluable tool kit of exercises and resources that I can tap into myself!"

Kim York

"I visited Pierre to get rid of pain, but I have received much more. I feel more in touch with my body and also with the people around me." 

Jan Hliněný

Psychologist & Farmer

I've been able to return to the gym, the martial arts club, even doing the odd 10K run causes no symptoms. I've always had issues with my lower back too, but this has also begun to feel much more stable and stronger.

Nishant Kumar

Consultant & Kickboxing Practitioner

Download the Integrated Health & Corrective Exercise
Rehab program brochure

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