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pierre higginson

The Holistic Nutrition Mind Map

For Gut Health Restoration and Digestive Wellness

Gut Health Restoration

Get your hands on this PDF doc that gives you visual tips on...

1. Optimising your digestive health
2. Choosing the right foods for you
3. How to achieve your ideal weight
4. Getting you high levels of energy and vitality
5. And more...

(Also includes the Holistic Food Choices List)

And if you get your hands on it...

You will receive access to my 38 page Food and Lifestyle Blueprint. The application of the concepts presented within have proven incredibly effective to resolve things like:

All topics mentioned in the PDF are gone into further detail and you can gain real valuable information to start applying to your daily life right now.

But remember, information is not power. Applied information is power, and if you don't apply the concepts that get you healthy, full of vitality, and back to looking your best, nothing will change! Get the info, then apply it!!


pierre higginson

Pierre Higginson

Health Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist

C.H.E.K Professional