Biomechanics Analysis, Corrective Exercise,
Rehabilitation, & Integrated Health Coaching

For Pain, Posture, Injury, and Athletic Performance Optimisation

Pierre Higginson

Pierre Higginson is an Injury Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise Specialist, CHEK Practitioner Lvl 3, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.

Through his Integrated Health & Corrective Exercise Rehab program, Pierre specialises in helping clients reduce pain, overcome injury, improve posture, increase vitality, and more...

He is based at Ealing Fitness Clinic in Ealing Broadway, London, UK.

Pain & Injury

Pain Management, Rehabilitation, Back Pain, Disc Injury, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Spondylolisthesis, Sciatica

Performance & Exercise

Posture, Corrective Exercise, Movement Therapy, Core Stability, Fitness

Health & Nutrition

Gut Health, Digestion, Energy, Sleep, Mood, Weight Management, Cognition, Stress

"I find myself now near enough pain free, with also a lot more energy which has led to a tremendous benefit to my health and state of mind. 

I have seen Osteopaths and physios for years and spent thousands of pounds and they have not really dealt with my problem."

Lee Gibson

HS2 Handover Engineer

"I would recommend Pierre to anyone with chronic musculoskeletal issues that don't seem to go away or always hover in the background ready to come back. I wasn't aware how connected all these issues were and I am very happy to feel like I am on the mend and getting stronger for the first time in years."

Jon Block


"For me I have found the whole experience so beneficial and educational with the added bonus of getting such positive results in a relatively short time.  I would highly recommend anyone to go and see him and let him use his unique expertise to help you on your road to recovery because, he has helped me so much."

Barbara Walsh


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