Pillar of Health 2: Optimal Food Choices

You can’t fill a car with diesel, when it was designed for gasoline and expect it to run at peak performance.

Our cells, joints, skin, muscles, tissues, etc are all built from the food we choose to put in our mouths everyday.

It is said that every single cell in our body is completely new every 7 years. That means that you are a completely newly built person!

You literally are what you eat.

With this comes a whole bunch of things to keep in mind.

  • Food quality
  • Food variety
  • Your unique metabolism and digestive system
  • Your health and wellness goals, objectives, desires
  • Your energy levels and mental clarity

These 5 bullet points all have huge implications for food choices. 

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Food is more than fuel, it’s the building blocks for:

Healthy organs
Good looking skin
Clarity of thought
Good blood pressure
Ideal body weight
Balanced hormone health
Good response to stress
And much more

When you get it right… life is just so much better!

So let me give you some really good information that you can start using right at your next meal:

If you really want to optimise your energy, brain, and physique (and I’m guessing you do or you wouldn’t have even visited my site), then this is the ideal first step. 

Your body needs a specific ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs (macronutrients) in order for it to run at peak performance.

When you run the body at peak performance you have:

  • Ideal weight,
  • Robust health,
  • An ability to focus efficiently, 
  • And you generally feel really good. 

Since fats, proteins, and carbs all have different effects on the body, and come from different sources, getting to know what works well for you is an absolute must.

Here’s a few good things to know… that will help you right away!

If you eat too much fat and protein during a meal, you’ll notice that: 

  • You may start to feel lethargic,
  • Mentally sluggish, 
  • Feel full but hungry, 
  • Sleepy,
  • Depressed and in a dull mood, 
  • And you may crave sweets, coffee, or tea.

If you eat too many carbs, like an excess of fruit, pastries, cake, rice, pasta, etc, you may feel:

  • Anxious, 
  • Not satisfied and hungry quickly,
  • You may crave fat and protein, 
  • Have a jumpy mind, 
  • Tired but wired, 
  • Or have nervous energy. 

When you get the balance right of ratios of carbs, proteins, and fats, you feel:

  • A great sense of wellbeing
  • Energised
  • Driven to do what you want to do
  • Good blood pressure
  • Can last 3-4 hours without needing to have another meal

I go into this in great detail with my clients who could benefit from this type of coaching. 

If this is an area you are interested in, schedule a time to chat with me by filling in this quick questionnaire: https://pierrehigginson.com/call-enquiry/

Healthy eating can really become effortless when you eat the right proportions of fats, proteins, carbs, and pick the right foods for your unique metabolism. 


Pierre is a CHEK Practitioner, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach based in London, UK. He helps people increase vitality, decrease stress, achieve optimal posture, and more.

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