Want To Improve How Your Body Functions?

Join Pierre in this specialised 3 hour 1-to-1 consultation, where you can gain personalised assessment feedback and your own structured program to improve how your musculoskeletal system is functioning: Be it to improve running performance, reduce pain, overcome chronic injury, move with less tightness and restriction, or simply feel better in this vehicle we call the "body".

Overcome Running Related
Muscle Imbalances

Reduce Pain

Become More Resilient To Injury

Understand Why You May
Be Not Recovering From Injury

Build Running Specific Strength

Learn How To Improve Your Own
Posture, Be It Static and Dynamic

What's included in this 3 Hour Consultation?

Assessments checking exactly where you're tight and restricted, and where you're weak and need strengthening.
Abdominal Wall & Core Muscle Function.
Posture (Static & Dynamic), using specialised assessment tools.
Movement assessments, identifying deficits and what functional movements to work on to improve Gait.
Personalised mobilisation, stretching, and corrective exercise program... designed from your assessment results.
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3 Hours, 1 to 1 with Pierre Higginson


27A Bond Street, Ealing, London, W5 5AS.

Easily accessible via public transport:

5 minute walk from Ealing Broadway Underground Station

"Over the 3 months of a combination of various targeted stretching and strengthening exercises, my symptoms improved considerably, and the postural imbalances identified during the initial assessment had through re-assessment objectively improved too. I've been able to return to the gym, the martial arts club, even doing the odd 10K run causes no symptoms. I've always had issues with my lower back too, but this has also begun to feel much more stable and stronger."

Nishant Kumar

Kickboxing Practitioner, Fitness Enthusiast, Data & Analytics Consultant

"I initially went to see Pierre as I was concerned about neck and back pain, a knee problem, a foot injury and a general feeling of fatigue and brain fog. I felt like I was no longer in control or understood my body or why it was letting me down and why I was suffering from a myriad of ailments. It is a testament to Pierre and the work that he does that I feel so much better after implementing 100% of all of his suggestions from my personal program"

Barbara Walsh


"With his guidance and support I am now walking and standing without pain! We have also addressed some other issues along the way and importantly, he has given me the right tools, knowledge and understanding for the longer term. I now have an invaluable tool kit of exercises and resources that I can tap into myself!"

Kim York

"I would recommend Pierre to anyone suffering with any back or posture problems, he is very clear and knowledgeable in his guidance about diet exercise and lifestyle. I have seen Osteopath’s and physio’s for years and spent thousands of pounds and they have not really dealt with my problem!"

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3 hours, 1 to 1 with Pierre Higginon, MSK Rehab & Corrective Exercise Specialist

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Do you have a Cancellation policy?

If you can't make it to your scheduled consultation, Pierre operates a 24h cancellation policy which means you will need to re-schedule at the very latest 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in you losing your consultation, with no refund.

Where is your clinic based?

Pierre's clinic is based at 27A Bond Street, Ealing, W5 5AS, London.

I'm interested, and I'd like to speak to you personally before booking, how may I contact you?

The best thing to do is speak to Pierre on the phone. You may do so via Calendly, click here.

What do I wear for my consultation?

Activewear. For some of the assessments Pierre will need to see the abdomen and spine. For women, wearing a sports bra is recommended. Leggings and shorts are both fine. Shorts for men is recommended. 

How will I receive my 4 week online corrective program?

Once you have completed your consultation with Pierre, you will gain access to his Online Members Platform in which you will be able to view the videos and details of your corrective program. You will receive access to your program within 7 days of having completed your consultation.

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