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The Holistic Food & Lifestyle Blueprint

A Roadmap to robust health, ideal weight, better focus, and optimal wellbeing.

pierre higginson

Written by Pierre Higginson,
CHEK Practitioner, Corrective Exercise specialist, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Dear Health & Wellness enthusiast, welcome to the Holistic Food and Lifestyle Blueprint. 

This presentation is about creating a roadmap to achieving:
1. Robust health
2. Ideal weight
3. Better focus
4. Optimal wellbeing. 

Through using the principles detailed here, you have a huge amount of information to create a blueprint for how to choose foods and design a lifestyle that supports your dream.

Whether that be to gain more energy, to feel better in your own skin, to tone up and lose a bit of extra weight, or to even get out of chronic pain.

The actionable info in this presentation all contribute to doing exactly that.

By the end of this presentation, you’ll have the information that allows you to:

How to use a system of eating that balances your metabolism and gets you to your ideal weight.
Understand why certain food choices are better than others, and how what you might be eating may be contributing to certain roadblocks for your dream level of health. 
Why there's way more to food than calories, and how that mindset can lead to all kinds of problems.
Common mistakes most people are making with food and lifestyle and how to avoid them. 
The optimal method for creating long lasting healthy change.... that's actually sustainable.


  • Real poor energy
  • I would always feel exhausted, and towards the end of the day, I would feel like my body and brain couldn’t really keep up with my day’s activities. 
  • I didn’t really know good food from bad. 
  • I had poor skin health, like dry skin, acne, and rashes. 
  • I had issues with fungal infections
  • I was chronically stressed - I use to deal with high levels of anxiety, and constant worry.
  • I was a professional coffee addict.
  • I had bouts of low sex drive, where I just lost interest in the opposite sex. Which isn’t something fun when you’re a young man going out and starting relationships.
  • In my body, I was chronically really tight, inflexible, and I had poor posture. I was slouched over a lot of the time.

ALL of this is now behind me, and I’ve got a real solid understanding of how to take care of my brain and body. I did it all naturally and implemented all of what I speak about in this presentation.

So how did I do all of this?
I changed everything from the inside out!

I sought help from the real experts in the fields of health and wellness, and started applying loads of new concepts to do with Nutrition, Movement, and Lifestyle on myself.

Seeing the life changing results, I started studying professionally with the CHEK Institute based in California.

This forms the basis of how I now work professionally with my clients. Coaching and mentoring them through the process of how to eat, move, and live a lifestyle that optimises their health, and gets rid of whatever’s holding them back. 

pierre higginson CHEK practitioner posture

I work at Ealing Fitness Clinic in West London, where I help people get out of pain, get better posture, and improve their movement ability.

I also work with clients globally online via video consultations with my integrated health coaching program where I help people get to their ideal weight, improve gut health, reduce stress, and provide them with a clear program to heighten their health and wellness.

My real passion is helping people with their movement, diet, and lifestyle to get out of pain and rebuild their body to a high level of performance and wellbeing. Just like I did with Jan:

Jan Hliněný


 "I visited Pierre to get rid of pain, but I have received much more. I feel more in touch with my body and also with the people around me." 

You can achieve incredible health and wellbeing transformations through the variables of Diet, Movement, and Lifestyle.


Pierre Higginson Health Body



When I look at myself now...

  • I have very high levels of energy

  • I'm highly driven

  • I have great posture

  • I'm never ill

  • I have great focus

  • A healthy strong body

  • I live with great wellbeing

The truth is that healthy eating for me is now effortless. It’s interesting, when you actually get to a certain level of health and wellbeing, eating certain “dragon foods” as I call them, actually stops becoming appealing. It’s as if the chemistry in our brain changes and what would give you insane cravings in the past simply disappear. 

I also have enough health to be able to let loose 20% of the time and indulge if I want to.

All of this supports my ability to:

  • Work incredibly hard in my chosen career
  • Train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is a highly demanding form of exercise
  • Have great relationships
  • Effectively live my dream

Me in 2019 travelling around South, Central, & North America whilst running my business from my laptop!

How many people on this earth can say they are living their dream, exercise at a high level, work hard, and have great relationships?

Not many… And that’s the term holistic health means for me… it’s an ability to experience high levels of health, in all of its forms… Be it with the body or the mind.

The reality is that...

None of this would be possible without practicing everything I do in this holistic food and lifestyle blueprint. It’s the essential baseline of health and wellbeing that supports everything I want to do. Without it, I simply wouldn’t have the energy levels. 

So let’s get stuck in and do a deeper dive into the real info that’s going to heighten your health and wellness.

The media has given a lot of people a false reality of what it means to be healthy. We're a culture of 'fit' sick people: meaning you can spend 10 hours in the gym every week, but be incredibly sick on the inside.

I remember 10 year ago when I started getting interested in fitness and healthy living… I thought supplements, protein shakes, and intense workouts were essential to getting the kind of body shape I was after.

Little did I know that with that mindset, I was setting myself up for dysfunction and all kinds of unhealthy symptoms.  

Like most people out there who read health and fitness articles online, you’re only really learning about the things that people can make money off. Workout programs, supplements like creatine, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, pre-workouts, protein shakes, and all of that kind of stuff.

How many times have you thought… if only I do this workout program I’ll look like this person, if only I take this supplement I’ll become like this… 

It's all a smokescreen!

(Some of these supplements are in fact great, but are rarely used in the right situations, and they are in most cases an absolute waste of money and time.)

If people also knew how low grade 99% of these protein shakes are, and how much they tax your body, they’d seriously start to consider why they are inflicting more harm on their body than good. 

What I’m getting at is that most of what we’re influenced by and told what to do, is heavily based on what sells. 

There’s something incredibly sexy about seeing an ad with a hot girl or guy with a six pack, great arms, and them putting all of the credit of their health and fitness to supplements. 

This is why we want to become food agnostics. We want to remove any kind of attachment to a particular dogma, diet, marketing campaign, idea, and supplement.  

You might notice that every few years there’s a big movement towards a new diet. From the atkins, to vegan, to keto, to carnivore, to slow carb, to paleo. People are just so confused about what to eat it’s crazy.

The big craze at the moment seems to be meal replacement shakes... promoting the idea that you can bypass real whole foods in order to save time and money with a quick drink that "has all the essential vitamins needed for health".

It's all just a big marketing game that is selling you the illusion of health and wellness. A mentor of mine once said "the more health benefits it markets itself with, the worse it probably is for you!"

Some Simple Truths For You:

Food that is healthy generally doesn't need to tell you how many calories it contains.
The longer the shelf life of a food, the worse it is for you (the exceptions to the rule are raw seeds/nuts and fermented foods like sauerkraut).
If it won't keep your dog alive, don't eat it.
If you can't pronounce an ingredient in a food, don't eat it.
If it hasn't been on this earth for 5000+ years don't eat it.
Stay away from HYDROGENATED/PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED foods (baked goods are a major culprit.)
Stay away from ARTIFICIAL COLOURS/SWEETENERS/FLAVOURS or PRESERVATIVES (just about anything pre-packaged.)
Eat organic/local - it's better for you, the environment, and the economy. Farmer's markets have the cheapest and best quality food around. 
Eat a balance of macronutrients (carbohydrate/fat/protein) at every meal/snack.
As a general rule, colour is a proxy for nutrient density in a food. If it's the colour of cardboard (ex: cereal), it probably has about the same nutritional value.

There are 2 key concepts that everyone should learn to work with for
heightened health… 

Number 1 is biochemical individuality… which is the idea that we are as different on the inside as we are on the outside. We have different metabolisms, different lengths of intestines, different stomachs, and different capacity to detox, assimilate, and eliminate food.

This comes from the work of Roger Williams, who brought to the public through his research that every body has different sizes, shape, locations, and capacity for nearly all our internal organs. 

When things like intestine lengths are different, we see differences in what kind of ratios of carbs and proteins and fats we’re going to be able to function well on. 

This highlights just how ridiculous the idea that there is one diet that’s best for all people. There can’t be, because we’re so uniquely individual.

Two people eating the exact same meal with the same number of calories and macronutrient profile will absorb and utilise the food differently!

The 2nd point is that of our unique environmental needs. This includes stress, weather, and exercise, which all play big roles in what kind of food choices we need to make and what kind of ratios of fats, proteins, carbs we need to use for fuel. 

Understanding the marriage of both Biochemical Individuality and your Unique Environmental Needs put you in a real optimal position to start optimising your health. 

Now let’s move onto something called Primal Pattern Diet Typing, which is going to allow us to start working with what your unique needs are. 

So what are your unique dietary needs?

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply lose body fat… 

The safest and most effective way to do this is to eat right for your unique needs, day to day… 

and that is all made possible through working with your Primal Pattern Diet Type, which is form of Metabolic Typing that I've studied and used with clients to great effect.

Primal Pattern diet typing is a framework to understand the kind of ratio of foods and specific foods that your system is going to function most efficiently on.

You Are Unique

To get to a level of heightened health, we need to truly understand that as individuals we are all absolutely unique and individual.  

You Have Different Needs

We all require the good and healthy lifestyle habits that promote vitality and optimal function… but we need them in varying and different proportions.

Learn To listen To Your Body

Just because your friend is feeling amazing on a diet of predominantly red meat and vegetables, that might be causing havoc for you… some people do very well on vegetarian diets, others lose strength, sex drive, and start becoming anaemic. 


  • What might be a source of great energy, and something that promotes heightened health for one, could be another person’s poison.
  • We all have a different heritage
  • Different ability to cope with stress, 
  • different activity levels, 
  • Different perceptions of stress
  • Different metabolisms, 
  • Different jobs, 
  • Different living environments.

From experience, developing a keen understanding of what works for you and inversely what doesn’t, is going to be a key factor in taking real ownership of your health and wellbeing.

So where to start? 

You start by identifying what your Primal Pattern Diet Type is. 

The goal of your Primal Pattern Diet Type test is to determine which foods and in what amounts are best for you. This is so that you can eat a diet similar to the one that your unique system is designed to run on!

I go into this in detail with my clients.

Around 95% of diseases that people suffer from stem from faulty diet and lifestyle practices. 

Think about how huge this percentage is… 

Most people have never been taught, or don’t really care what the quality of their food is, nor how healthy their lifestyle is.

People are...

Not moving their bodies enough
Eating poor quality food
Under intense levels of stress
Chronically fatigue and low in energy
Don't know what to do and don't have a mentor to help them

When it comes to diet... we’re looking at:

  • Food Choices

  • Food Quality

  • Food Stressors

  • Overeating

  • Digestive Stress

  • Malnutrition

  • Dehydration

  • and more

When it comes to lifestyle... We're looking at:

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Light Exposure

  • Movement

  • Toxicity

  • Posture

  • Work

  • Over-Exercising

  • Functional Training

  • Pain

  • and more

If you can learn how to manage your diet and lifestyle, you’re going to shoot well ahead of most people when it comes to your levels of
health and wellbeing.

A little sketch I made for a client to explain the concept of energy balance


People are making millions of pounds and dollars because you don’t know how to listen to your body.

I remember living years and years with a gluten intolerance before realising that was what was causing me the symptoms that I was clueless as to where they were coming from. 

It’s not our fault that we don’t know how to listen to our bodies, because we weren’t really ever shown how to... and we're largely taught the opposite, which is to not listen to our bodies and take things that will 'mask' the underlying issue. 

I remember listening to the wonderfully wise Dr Beverly Rubik, talking about this exact concept of intuitive eating. She said, "we’re a species called homo sapiens, and we don’t know what to eat. Every other species on this earth knows what to eat! "

Dr Rubik then gave the example of how she has chickens that roam in her yard. She was worried that they’d eat hemlock, a poisonous plant that grows rife in her garden. 

But the chickens would roam free range and simply avoid the hemlock. They'd eat the bugs around it, and intuitively know that the hemlock plant would lead to something bad.

They use their innate wisdom, and we can do that too. We can recover what seems to have been forgotten, and re-develop this skill. 

       So how do you do you develop the skill of
intuitive eating? 


The body and brain respond to what they interact with. 

And let me tell you… I went through this whole process myself. That’s why I can effectively work with people through this so well… because I’ve lived it.

Step one is that you need to become conscious of what’s not serving you. Most people eat things out of habit. Let me tell you a story… 

I’m half French, and growing up through French culture, bread is a staple of your diet. You eat it breakfast, lunch, dinner. Hungry at 4 o’clock and can’t find anything that tickles your fancy? Have some bread. 

Turns out I was gluten intolerant for all of those years, and I didn’t know that was a cause for loads of stomach upsets, poor energy levels, a tight and inflamed body, poor concentration and ADHD type symptoms. 

     Through doing my own research and slowly understanding what was going on, I was able to become conscious of the fact that loads of bread, pasta, and pastries, were creating symptoms in my stomach and body that was causing me harm. 

But listening to my body and seeing the link was incredibly hard to do… How do I know it was incredibly hard? I was living with those symptoms for so many years!! It’s crazy when I look back on it now, but at the time, I was just pretty much oblivious to the link.

Another example is that I use to have a post nasal drip and severe allergies over the summer time. My doctor just told me to take anti histamines every day… He said that’s what he’s been doing for years as well, and it works great. 

   The funny thing is… getting a post nasal drip is a message that your body is telling you something’s creating inflammation. And here I was burying that message…  
When you repress these kinds of messages from your body, that’s when sinister diseases manifest after many years of not being looked at. 

I actually was taking anti histamines for a couple of years until a colleague of mine suggested I stop and I did some work with him to find out what was causing it.  
Symptoms like that, like pain, are all a request to change from your brain and body. It’s a message to you saying “please stop, and try something different.”

The more you repress these symptoms, the more you develop an environment of chronic inflammation.

Try This

So here's how you get started… after you eat your next meal, write down how you feel after 5 mins, an hour, and 3 hours. Are you dull in energy, and can’t focus? Are you jittery and can’t keep still?

Do you feel lethargic, like you need to sleep? Are you in need of coffee to stay awake?

These are all messages your body is telling you, that the food and/or the proportions of macronutrients was not optimal.

Take notes, keep a food journal, write down your scores out of 10 for energy levels, mood, focus.

When you fill in your primal pattern diet type questionnaire, I’ll also send you how you should feel after eating a meal that is great for you, and how you should feel if you’ve eaten too many carbs, or too many fats and proteins.

This allows you to start working with your body’s signals and very quickly you’ll start seeing how this method is incredibly effective if you want to get to your ideal weight, great cognitive ability, and live a life of high energy and vitality. 

After a while, you understand clearly how to have stable blood sugar, how to balance your macronutrients for your individual needs, and how to change things when you've done a lot of exercise, when you're stressed out, or (if you're of the female gender) even when you're on your cycle!

There's More To Food Than Calories

There’s a real problem with the way most people think about food now days. There's a big fixation on food as purely calories, which is a very miss-understood way of looking at things.  

Partly because most people only care about fat loss, they think being in a calorie deficit is all that matters.

Pierre Higginson Body Mind 6 Digestive System

There’s way more to food than simply calories.  

You see people on social media who demonstrate how they can lose weight on a diet of pizza, fries, and burgers…  

Yes that may be possible, but that philosophy only really takes into account your aesthetics. But how are you going to look in a few years time, when your liver is all backed up from all of the processed food and poor quality fat you’ve been eating? 

As well as parasite and fungal infections running rife inside your body. 

This way of thinking mainly comes from new age bodybuilding, and people being obsessed with gaining muscle.  

We all want to look good, and be visually attractive, but sacrificing your internal health is completely the wrong way to go about it.  

If you live off of fried foods, pizzas, burgers, ice cream, protein shakes, and the occasional green juice, you’re setting yourself up for some real health problems down the line. 

You’re setting yourself up for loads of inflammation in your organs like your liver and small intestine, in your joints, in your brain… 

What might sound like an attractive idea, “I’m going to get ripped, by eating my favourite junk foods, in a calorie restriction” is completely backwards.  

Yes, you can get quick results, but what is it to you if after a while your sex drive is so low your relationships start to break down and you lose interest in the opposite sex. What if your detoxification organs are all backed up and your skin starts looking terrible and you feel sluggish all the time. What If your joints all ache and physical movement starts becoming painful. What if you have certain genetic predispositions for certain diseases that become exposed because your body does not have adequate high quality nutrition to run itself properly. 

Eating high quality food and living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to develop high levels of internal health. There are no shortcuts or hacks to bypass what is a natural requisite for human beings.  

And guess what… when you live and eat a healthy lifestyle, your aesthetics start to flourish. You won’t need to buy expensive face creams and moisturisers… because your skin looks amazing naturally.  

Remember when I said that people are making billions of dollars because people don’t know how to listen to their bodies… the face cream industry is a prime example of this… 

Got acne? Try this cream? Itchy skin? Try this cream? You just need to eat right, move right, and live right and you’ll never experience these problems again.  



Animal products, meat, fish, and in general anything that comes from something with  a pair of eyes.


Fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, typically anything that does not come from something with a pair of eyes. 


Oils, cheeses, avocados, nuts.

Your body needs a specific ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs in order for it to run at peak performance. Fats, proteins, and carbs all have different effects on the body. 

You’ll notice if you eat too much fat and protein, you may start to feel lethargic, mentally sluggish, feel full but hungry, sleepy, depressed and dull mood, and may crave sweets, coffee, or tea. 

If you eat too many carbs, like loads of fruit, pastries, and cake, you might feel anxious, not satisfied and hungry quickly, may crave fat and protein, have jumpy mind, tired but wired, nervous energy, etc. 


Let’s look at variable number 1: Season & weather. If you came out as a mixed type in the metabolic diet typing questionnaire. You’ll notice that the ratio of macronutrients is 50% Carbohydrates, 20% Fats and Oils, 30% Proteins. 

Now this means that a plate could typically look like 2 portions of veg with a drizzle of olive oil, and 1 portion of fish. Just for the sake of an example, it could be a portion of raw carrot salad with a vinegraite to start with. And then for your meal, a nice piece of wild salmon with sweet potatoes. The goal is to prepare enough food in the right proportions so that when you finish it, you feel satiated but haven’t felt like you’ve overeaten. If you’ve prepared too much, just keep it for a snack the next day.

With that ratio, you might find that it’s perfect for you in the winter time. Others might find that that’s perfect in the summer time. What you do is listen to your body and you might notice that in the winter, you want more fish and a bit more olive oil on your carrots. In the summer you might realise that you want half the portion size of fish, and more sweet potato. 

It’s up to you to start with the macronutrient ratio of your metabolic type and then start playing around with what your body uniquely needs. 

Another variable is that of stress. When the body and brain is in high levels of stress, you need the right resources to make the right hormones. 

More stress generally means you need more fat and protein. This is because your consumption of adequate amounts of cholesterol in the form of saturated fats and animal products is important for manufacturing your anabolic hormones. The key point is that if you’re unable to manufacture the hormones you need to run your body effectively and grow and repair the body, you’re going to be shorting the system. 

If you’re unable to have effective energy conversion due to eating incorrectly or eating low quality food you’re going to have an energy crisis. This leads to excess consumption of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Which leads to all kinds of symptoms and complaints.

This also means that if your body is not adequately getting the right resources, you are drawing energy away from the highly important systems like your immune system, your circulatory system, your hormonal system, your digestive system, your eliminative system, etc…

Now another variable to account for is exercise. Let’s say you’ve just done a workout and you’re wondering how this is going to impact your ratio… it’s simple, if you’re getting enough protein you just need to add an extra portion for your carbohydrates. So if I’ve just spent 2 hours training jiu jitsu, I’m going to have one portion of carrot salad, 2 portions of sweet potato, and I might opt for something more meaty than fish like duck, chicken, or red meat. You don’t need protein shakes and all of that jazz.

Now let’s get into supermarkets… these places look like they are there so that you can buy food and the essentials to feed yourself. But they are also packed to the brim with the so called snacks and “enzymatically dead” foods that have no real nutrition in them. 

If you want to feed your body what it’s truly craving, you need to only walk down the aisles which contain whole foods. When I’m in the supermarket, I only walk down the fruit, veg, fish, and meat section. Everything else is packaged and processed, so I just skip them. 


That brings us onto our next top: Enzymes. The Enzymes in specific foods allow you to properly digest and metabolise the food in an efficient way. Enzymes greatly aid in digestion.

A sign that you may not be eating enough raw foods or getting enough enzymes in your diet its if you feel really tired after eating a meal.

When you eat foods high in enzymes you typically feel more energy and vitality wash over you… You feel like you have more bandwidth. 

High enzyme foods are raw fruit and veg, and fermented foods. Pineapple, papaya, kimchi, and sauerkraut are examples of high enzyme foods. 

If you’re eating meat that can be eaten raw, the less it’s cooked the higher enzyme content it will have.  

The reason why this is particularly important is that now days most people’s diets are mainly filled with enzymatically dead foods. If you eat anything pasteurised like milk, cheeses, yoghurts, fully cooked, or packaged like pasta, all of the enzymes have been cooked out. 

This means that the food is enzymatically dead and it’s going to cost you in enzyme production to be able to digest them properly. 

New Vegetarians and Vegans often talk about the immense levels of energy they feel after changing diet… a reason for that is that they are eating a lot more raw fruit and veg!  

Balance is what we’re after. A general rule of thumb is to follow the seasons. Summer equals more raw vegetables… Winter equals more cooked meat and stews and soups.


Now onto Probiotics, these are the good bacteria that your body thrives on.

You want to include foods in your diet that promote the living good bacteria in your gut, and fight away the bad bacteria. 

A good balance of intestinal flora should be 85% good vs 15% bad. Dr Jensen through his research in his client saw that most of his clients had an inverted ratio of gut flora with 85% bad vs 15% good. A typical diet of processed food, poor quality meat, refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, and stress are all to blame.

There’s so much information already out there in terms of probiotics that I’m not going to dwell on it too long. What I want to say that most probiotic supplements are ineffective and are a waste of money.

Try and include foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and live yoghurt to your weekly food choices. These are great for the gut and promote a healthy immune system, support your digestion, and heighten your skin health.  

The things that promote bad bacteria are things like processed foods, a high sugar diet, deep fried foods, excess alcohol, and things like that. 

A diet very low in raw food also promotes an excess of bad bacteria.

If you have loads of gas, bloating, really smelly stools, a regular upset stomach, and food intolerances, you might be living with too many bad guys in your stomach!


Now, a real important thing I want to touch upon is the concept of seasonal eating. When you talk to farmers or if you have any family members like I do who grow a lot of their food, you can clearly see that nature has set everything up perfectly for you. 

I’m going to give an example of us here in the UK… When you look at the fruit and vegetables that grow in each season you realise that you can’t eat the same stuff all year round.

Vegetables do not grow on frozen ground. 

This is an incredibly important concept. There’s no reason to be eating loads of tomatoes, bananas, and mangoes in the winter, because that’s largely something that confuses the body. You want to live with the variety that grows locally to you. 

A lot has been written, researched, and shown that the healthiest diet is going to be the one that is grown locally to where you are. A lot of it is to do with the fact that your body has different nutritional needs depending on its environment. 

When it’s cold, the ground is frozen, and we have very short days in the UK over the months of November, and December, we don’t feel like eating pineapples, salads, tomatoes, mangoes, and things with high sugar content. 

We run best on foods that have more protein and fat, like what our ancestors have evolved eating over this period of the year. Like a beef stew with carrots, or a soup made with butternut squash. 

There’s also more nutrition in foods that are grown locally, compared to foods that are commercially grown on the other side of the world and then flown in to your country. 

The fact that we have the ability to eat any kind of food we want all throughout the year no matter where on earth it is grown is the source of many health complaints such as fatigue, digestive problems, and overall bad health.  

5 Common Mistakes Most People Are Making

1. Most people think of food as only energy. This leads to consuming things that bring in quick energy like sports drinks, coffee, fast foods, loads of sugar, and processed foods filled with sugar, fat, and salt. When you have this mindset that food is only energy, people often just buy the cheap stuff with no real appreciation of variety and food quality. This is a common mistake that is at the root of unhealthy eating practices.

2. Food is something that is only needed in order to stop hunger. This is so backwards it’s crazy. You’re setting yourself up for all kinds of problems if you think like that. Food is what we bring into our bodies and transform into the building blocks to regenerate our body, detoxify, and use as fuel. 

3. Another concept I want to briefly touch upon is the fact that most people do not question the status quo. They are not independent thinkers and simply follow any advice they see. You need to develop a sense of responsibility for yourself and make your own opinion on things. If you eat loads of processed foods and don’t feel well inside, stop doing it. Just because everyone else is, doesn’t mean you have to too. 

If you feel a lot better when you only eat organic food, continue doing that. Listen to your body and let it make the decisions for you. 

4. Using food as a coping mechanism. 

This is a real big one. Emotional eating is rife every where you go. People eat foods like they are drugs, and are completely addicted to the effect they have on us.

And this is fine, if it’s just occasionally eating a big bag of cookies because they remind you of your childhood and you’ve had a really stressful week and want to some time to yourself to just switch off and escape. But if this behaviour is something you do everyday? You need to look into that because it might be the root of your health challenges.

How many people do you know who eat and drink things really bad for them but they’re so unconscious to it, that they’ve never really made the correlation. If you’re eating in order to repress certain emotions and escape your reality, you’re only setting yourself up for problems in the future. And realise that with the mindset, today = tomorrow and nothing will change. You can only repress emotions through food, you can’t resolve them. 

5. Eating loads of low quality mass produced sick animals. 

Commercially raised animals are in many ways sick animals. They aren’t fed proper nutrition that is natural to them, they don’t get any sunlight, don’t have space to roam free, are living unhealthy lifestyles which are designed to get them as big as possible in the quickest time possible. 

Animals are bio-accumulators. This means that all of the toxins in their environment and food accumulate within them. Your are not only what you eat, but you are what you eat eats. 

Consuming these animals creates inflammation in the body through the omega 3 to omega 6 ration. 

This is why you want to avoid low quality meat at the supermarket, and fast food restaurants. 

The hierarchy of animal products is: wild, biodynamic, organic, free range, commercially raised. If the product is not organic or free range I won’t eat it, because I know it creates inflammation in my body and isn’t worth eating. 

An interesting thing to note is that a lot of the studies that promote the concept that meat is bad for you, promotes cancer, and creates cardiovascular disease, are all done on commercially raised sick animals. 

I am completely against commercially farmed animals because it’s so bad for our health, our environment, and our relationship with food. 

How Is Your Digestive Health?

This is a real important topic for me, as it’s the reason why I got so interested in health and wellbeing in the first place. I had pretty bad digestive health. I Was intolerant to quite a few foods, would have bloating, an upset stomach, and what is termed a “leaky” gut. 

Gut health problems are pretty rife in society. A lot of what people complain about that contributes to low levels of vitality, wellbeing, and body composition is to do with digestion.

Symptoms of poor digestion are:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Burping
  • Reflux
  • Fatigue After Eating
  • Abdominal Distension
  • Constant Hunger
  • Bowel Irregularity
  • Muscle Joint Pains
  • Neck, shoulder, middle, and lower back pain.


All of these can wreak havoc on your digestive health














Digestion starts with the foods you are choosing. This means that if you are thinking about what to have for dinner, and you choose something like pasta when you are gluten intolerant, that’s the first stage you want to look at.

Your mouth is the next stage of digestion, are you chewing your food enough? When people are highly stressed they tend to just wolf down their meal. I would do this so often, it was actually something I had to really work on. Taking your time, and chewing all of your feed until it’s liquid.


  • Eat foods that are good for you and support your metabolism
  • Drink a big glass of room temperature water 10-15 mins before eating then limit water intake during eating to only enough to wash down food.
  • Focus on chewing all of your food until it’s liquid
  • Never eat when under high loads of stress, try to calm yourself down and avoid things like TV, News, and music
  • Try and eat with friends, family, people you like as much as possible
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Eat raw food before your main meal
  • Eat high quality organic and free range food rather than commercially raised/ factory farmed
  • Eat until you’re no longer hungry / avoid under eating and over eating
  • Eat your optimal ratio of fats:protein:carbs
  • Always sit down to eat, never eat whilst rushing from one place to another
  • Eat gut healing foods like bone broth, and probiotic rich foods


There’s something I think a lot of people fail to realise and that’s the fact that people get unhealthy because they live an unhealthy lifestyle.

When you have a healthy lifestyle, you promote health within you, and it’s as simple as that. The best way to do this is to slowly upgrade your diet and lifestyle using the proven methods that promote health and wellbeing and high energy. This means:

  • Eating the right ratios of macronutrients

  • Optimising the quality of your food

  • Avoiding your dragon foods

  • Eating as much seasonal food as possible

  • You'll also want to move your body in specific ways to promote good posture

  • Be active

  • Design a lifestyle in which your body and brain can thrive

  • Reduce stress as much as possible

  • Get good quality sleep


It all starts with your dream, goal, or objective. You’ve got to dream about what you want to become, otherwise you’ll always just stay in the same place. If your dream is to lose 10 kg so that you have more energy to spend quality time with your kids, that’s a great dream to have. 

The question now is how are you going to achieve that. The objective is more than achievable, but it’s how you go about it that’s going to determine how long it’s going to take, and if you’re actually going to make it… 

I’ve provided you with loads of really actionable information in this presentation, the question is what are you going to do with it?

They say information is power… but this statement is in fact incorrect. Applied information is power. Otherwise you just have a bit of info in your head. You’ve got to actually do the work to get the results you’re dreaming of… and that’s really hard if you don’t have the right guidance. 

If you’re currently struggling with your health and wellbeing, if you’re not happy with your energy levels, your skin, the way your body looks, your digestion, you can create genuine change and heighten your health by connecting with me and having a breakthrough call.

In the work I do with my clients, we go through one of the most important things you can learn in your life. Which is how to take care of your body and your mind. This gives you the tools and tactics to experience life from a special, energetic, and vibrant pair of eyes. You will develop real inner vitality. 

You can't fill a car with diesel when it was designed for gasoline, and expect it to run at peak performance. Develop an understanding of what foods, and in what ratios, are optimal for you, as well as what may be holding you back. This is a skill you'll keep for the rest of your life.

My work is not about doing a crash diet, or quick fixes that are wishy washy and don’t last.

We’re doing the deep work that creates a shift in your body that sets the stage for long lasting health and wellbeing.

When you do the right kind of work, real sustained growth can materialise, and you have better energy, clearer focus, nicer looking skin, you start being free from food cravings. You become more resilient to stress, as well as become proud of how you look and feel!

This way of working really allows you to build a solid foundation of health and get the skills that you can use for the rest of your life.  Some of the outcomes I see in my clients include:

Improved digestive health
Improved energy and cognitive function
Fat Loss
Increased happiness and wellbeing
Strategic protocols for building healthy habits
improved sleep

So I invite you to transform your health from the inside out with me and schedule a time to chat with me for further details and see if we’d be a good fit together.

Jan Hliněný


"I visited Pierre to get rid of pain, but I have received much more. I feel more in touch with my body and also with the people around me."

Flore Vignaux

Marketing, Women's Activewear

"Pierre taught me so much about my body and how to improve my posture. I lead a much healthier lifestyle thanks to him. I'd recommend him to any one looking to improve their gut health, posture, and general health and wellbeing."


Time is also a factor. Since I’m working 1 on 1 with clients, I’m actually physically limited in terms of how many people I can work with… this means that when all my client spots fill up, I can’t actually take on any one else. So please if you’re considering wanting help, please book a call and don’t wait for the opportunity to go. Once spots are gone they are gone. 

With that said, that’s all from me, it’s been a pleasure to present all of this information to you and I hope to speak to you soon! 

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