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Ever tried working 1 on 1 with a professional who can pinpoint your muscle imbalances, compensations, and guide you through the right exercises, stretches, and protocols to improve your body function, posture, and golfing specific movement ability?

I’m looking for 10 motivated individuals to come experience my Whole In One Golf Biomechanics 90 Mins Assessment on a special 55% off limited time offer. You’ll also get a 4-week basic home corrective program to enhance your golfing movement ability.

My name is Pierre Higginson, I’m a CHEK Practitioner, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, and CHEK Golf Performance Specialist. I specialise in helping people move pain free, with great posture, and improved function. 

By taking part in this unique golfing biomechanics assessment you get the opportunity to learn about the factors contributing to how your biomechanics are impacting your golf swing and performance. 


You will also understand how muscle imbalances may be contributing to poor posture, and movement deficits contributing to poor golf form. 

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Just a few places left!

This is perfect opportunity to look into how you can take part in your golfing endeavours with more success and limit the chances of injuries, pain, and discomfort.

So if you’re ready to enjoy a better functioning body with less pains and aches, then grab this discounted Limited Time Offer Coupon now, and come experience my 90 mins Whole In One Golf Biomechanics Assessment consultation.

Special 55%
Assessment Offer

Was £180   Now £80

90 Mins Consultation

Save £100

Pierre Higginson

Build a high performance body with Pierre Higginson

Build great posture so you can enjoy optimal muscle recruitment 
Improve strength in rotation for an optimal golf swing
Enjoy golf with a more resilient body and less compensations 
Get moving pain free, and become less prone to injury
The clubs don't play the game, you do! Improving your movement ability is the key to achieving a lower handicap.

What's included in this 90 Mins Consultation?

Length-Tension Relationship Assessment
Core & Inner Unit Muscle Function
Spine Rotation Assessment
Breathing Mechanics
Posture, Static & Dynamic
4-Week Basic Corrective Online Program
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Ealing Fitness Clinic, 

8 Springbridge Mews, Ealing, London, W5 2AB.

Easily accessible via public transport:

5 minute walk from Ealing Broadway Underground Station

"I throughly recommend that people suffering with any pains or ailments work with him. "

Jai Patel

Drummer, The Raven Age

 "I visited Pierre to get rid of pain, but I have received much more. I feel more in touch with my body and also with the people around me." 

Jan Hliněný

Psychologist & Farmer

I was experiencing a lot of chronic pain in my neck especially when turning it, which was impacting my work and day to day life. Through Pierre’s program we were able to get it pain free and with full range of motion very quickly.

pierre higginson review


HS2 Engineer

"I would definitely recommend, especially if you have any back pain."

Saskia Delliss

PR, Art

Claim Your 90 Mins Whole In One
55% OFF Assessment Consultation

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Do you have a Cancellation policy?

If you can't make it to your scheduled consultation, Pierre operates a 24h cancellation policy which means you will need to re-schedule at the very latest 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in you losing your consultation, with no refund.

Will you be performing a Golf Swing Assessment, and check for Golf Swing Faults?

No, the assessment is specifically geared towards Golfing biomechanics needs, your body's movement deficits, and areas of muscle imbalances... all of which are a pre-requisite for an optimal golf swing. 

Where is your clinic based?

Pierre's clinic is based in Ealing Broadway, West London. Ealing Fitness Clinic, 8 Springbridge Mews, Ealing, London, W5 2AB.

I'm interested, and I'd like to speak to you personally before booking, how may I contact you?

The best thing to do is speak to Pierre on the phone. You may do so after having entered your details for the offer. You will then receive Pierre's number via email. 

How long is this offer available until?

This special offer consultation is available for 30 days, or until all 10 spots are filled. Once the spaces go, they are gone.

Once I've payed for my 90 mins consultation what happens?

You can either email or call Pierre straight away to schedule your session, or wait for Pierre to contact you within 24 hours of booking.

What do I wear for my consultation?

Activewear. For some of the assessments Pierre will need to see the abdomen and spine. For women, wearing a sports bra is recommended. Leggings and shorts are both fine. Shorts for men is recommended. There is a changing room at the clinic should you need to change before your consultation.

How will I receive my 4 week online corrective program?

Once you have completed your consultation with Pierre, you will gain access to his Online Members Platform in which you will be able to view the videos and details of your corrective program. You will receive access to your program within 7 days of having completed your consultation.

If I'd like to go through my corrective program with Pierre, 1 on 1 at the clinic, how can I do so?

If you'd like a more personal experience, where Pierre can guide and coach you through your corrective program, you can book a 1 hour session with him. Pierre's full hourly rate does apply. 

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