The Comfort Zone

Upgrading your health and wellbeing can be quite the journey. Full of challenges, trials, massive highs, and lows. For most people, they start doing what would appear like all the right things, but only to give up after a few months once motivation dies down. 

In this blog I’m going to quickly run you through the different zones everyone goes through in the process of achieving their dream level of health and wellbeing. 

It all starts with the comfort zone. The comfort zone is both a starting point and a destination. This is where we feel safe and in control, but yearn for something more. It could be a desire for healthier looking skin, more energy, the ability to have the physical functionality to play with your kids, ideal weight, better focus and concentration. 

In order to live our dream we must leave the comfort zone and enter the fear zone. This is a place where we are trying to adopt new habits like exercising, hiring the right coach, eating differently, trying to view the world differently.

The Fear Zone

The fear zone is where we start questioning ourselves. We may have doubt, be affected by other people’s opinions, and experience a lack of self confidence. 

This is new territory and can be incredibly challenging if we’re not strongly emotionally attached to our dream.

We try to find excuses so that we don’t have to do the real work that may be unpleasant, hard, and challenging. 

“I can’t exercise because I don’t have the time.”
“I can’t eat healthy because I don’t know how to cook.”
“I don’t want to go to the gym because people will judge me.”

All of these can be seen as the mind playing tricks on you, and most excuses we tell ourselves are unfounded in reality. It’s just the fear zone, that needs to be broken though.

The Learning Zone

Pushing through this phase, you now enter the learning zone. This would look like the montage scenes with the epic music playing in the background you see in the Rocky movies that are so famous. 

You’re acquiring new skills, you’re dealing with challenges and problems as they come. Most importantly, you’re expanding your comfort zone. 

As the nervous system begins to become familiar with the new healthy lifestyle habits, it also becomes easier and easier for you to do them. It’s called the law of facilitation. Change is a very difficult process to occur, but when you put in the small incremental habits in, it starts to materialise as positive results.

The Growth Zone

You may now enter the growth zone. A place where you are conquering your objectives. You’re living your dream that you initially set out to accomplish. You find purpose in what you do! What might have started out as feeling like a necessary unpleasant thing to do such as exercising is now something you look forward to do. 

This might now be the time to set new goals and expand your comfort zone even bigger.

Identifying all of these zones of change serves to provide clarity and a roadmap of sorts to provide you with the tools and tactics to be successful in your health and wellbeing dream. 


Pierre is a CHEK Practitioner, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach based in London, UK. He helps people increase vitality, decrease stress, achieve optimal posture, and more.

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